Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SAHMs Sanity Saving Techniques

So my wife did something last night that I can only describe as a sanity-saving moment of madness. The kids were in bed, and I was picking up the random socks, toys and books strewn about the house. I also picked up a couple of things that needed to be thrown away.
After putting a few things in the kitchen trash can, I smashed down the trash to make more room in the can. A very common task with a very uncommon result. All of a sudden I heard a police car siren coming from the bottom of the trash can. But this was no ordinary siren. It was the high-pitched shrill of possibly the most annoying toy ever created by the parent-hating noisy toy industry. I mean, this thing could make dogs howl.
After finishing my trash duties, I politely asked my wife a simple question, "Did you throw away M's police car?" A tiny, non-invasive 7 word question lead to a 15 minute diatribe on how annoying the car was, how it would go off without provocation, etc. At that point I realized that the car needed to be sacrificed to save my darling SAHM's sanity.
And let's be clear, this was not a favorite toy or anything. It's one of about 47 cars we have in our house, and it's not even really one of the favorite cars. So it's not like we threw away something that will be missed. It was simply a casualty of it's own making.
This whole episode got me thinking about other sanity-saving techniques SAHMs have that they may not be totally proud to say out loud. I'm sure every SAHM has done something that just had to be done to avoid complete meltdown. And I gotta say, I think you've earned it!

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