Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Potential SAHM Money Making Idea: Retail Sales Marketing

So I ran across a new idea to make a little money on the side as a SAHM. Retail sales marketing/merchandising is essentially going to local businesses (think grocery store or Wal-Mart) and filling up displays. It could be anything from magazines to greeting cards to candy displays. Apparently it's a job that really lends itself to SAHMs because it can be done at off hours (like when dad comes home from work).

I even found a website that seems to list a number of these jobs: Here's a link to an application for a greeting card company:

Pays seems to usually start at about $8/hour, so you're not going to get rich doing this. But it does seem to be a way to make a few extra dollars while still staying home with the kids.

Anybody ever done anything like this? I mentioned it to my SAHM, and she was fairly excited about it.

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