Monday, April 27, 2009

A Croc Giveaway for SAHMs

Check out this giveaway going on now at Deal Seeking Mom. They are giving away 10 vouchers for one pair of Crocs worth up to $50.

If your kids are into Crocs like our kids, this $50 voucher is better than gold. Seriously, we have to fight with our kids to wear anything other than Crocs. We have fur-lined Crocs. We have Minnie Mouse Crocs. We have Croc boots. We even have Croc flip-flops. My daughter is getting like 5 pairs of Crocs for her birthday that we bought slightly used on E-Bay. It's like an obsession in our house.

Of course, there is nothing that says you have to spend your $50 voucher on your kids. It could be one of your SAHM Confessions. I promise I won't tell anyone.

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