Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Power of the Garage Sale

Garage sale season is kicking into high gear all across the country, and SAHMS are ready to find those great deals. We buy all kinds of stuff for our kids at garage sales: cribs, toys, clothes, bedroom furniture, strollers. It amazes me the kind of deals you can find with a minimal amount of work.

So I want to hear about your amazing deals. Ever find a perfectly good crib for $25? A full set of toy cars for a quarter? Share with others your bargaining skills. Maybe we can all get some good ideas of things to look for.


  1. Every time we go yard saling, I let my kids each take a dollar out of their piggy bank. They usually end up buying stuffed animals (oy, the bedrooms already look like stuffed animal graveyards) which I end up selling at our own yard sales or giving away months later. I've not ever found any great deals for my kids per say (other than a $5 high chair that I use for daycare kids), but I've gotten some other pretty great buys: a HUGE fake christmas tree for $20, the rug we have in our living room for $16, and last fall, my hubby found a corner china cabinet and we paid $20 for it. Score. But one things's for sure, if I EVER have to buy baby furniture again, I would never even consider buying them new. You find cribs, carseats, strollers, and pretty much everything at yard sales, usually all under $20. Good condition too! Just takes some hunting.

  2. We have purchased most of our baby furniture through garage sales or craigslist. The deals you find are amazing.